All Attractions and Rest on Greek Rhodes

Attractions of Rhodes are in close proximity to each other, which is why traveling by car is easier.

Greek cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Try the national dish stifado of beef or rabbit meat, minced eggplant moussaka, as well as seafood. Do not forget to order a light Greek salad.

In the island's capital town of Rhodes there is a special attraction - the promenade. In the afternoon you can meet a crowd of foreign tourists photographed against the backdrop of windmills. The evening is the best time to wander through the old district of the city with the ancient walls and narrow streets paved with pebbles. In the morning it is good to go to Lindos. It is a tiny town with a population of about seven hundred people. It seems to be nothing remarkable, but on a hill near the town is the main attraction of Greece - Acropolis and Temple of Athena. From the hill you can see a spectacular view of the city and the sea.

On the west coast of the island, you can dive into the waters of the Aegean Sea. There is pebble beach and very bright blue water. In the east of Rhodes is the Mediterranean Sea with an emerald hue, where you can find sandy and pebbly beaches. Continuing the journey to the north of Rhodes, you'll find the town of Archangelos with the temple of Virgin Tsambika.

The most popular beach is located in Faliraki. In the daytime, you can get involved in a variety of marine entertainment, and late in the evening get ready for lively nightlife. To the south of the island's capital is another Greek attraction – the place where Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea.