5 Most Beautiful Places in Kiev

Andrew's Descent is a pedestrian street, lined with paving stones. There is a place where Bulgakov lived, and his house-museum is open at night, so that tourists can immerse in the mystical world of the writer. All along the street there are old houses, local artisans sell souvenirs and artists write portraits. The main pride of descent is St. Andrew's Church, a high standing on the stairs, as if it rises above the madding crowd. The temple, which affects with the luxury of architecture, can be visited by anyone. But in the XVIII century, with the participation of the famous Rastrelli, it was built only for the nobility.

Independence Square is the heart of the city, full of life day and night, and the most significant events, including political, occur there. It is very nice: the numerous fountains, ancient buildings, Kiev chestnuts. On weekends, it might seem that the whole Kiev flock here, and it is the best place to start exploring the city.

Vladimir Hill is a famous luxury park with a monument to Vladimir the Great, it is considered the hallmark of Kiev. The monument was restored recently, at night his cross in lights can be seen far. The park is located on the outskirts of St. Michael's Cathedral - the oldest Orthodox church, the first stone was laid by the grandson of Yaroslav the Wise. The cathedral is famous for its numerous gold domes and “flickering” frescoes.

Saint Sophia Cathedral is a sacred place in Kiev, which age is akin to the baptism of Rus. Famous Kievan princes - Vladimir Monomakh and Yaroslav the Wise were buried there. The main asset of the cathedral is considered a cap of Monomakh and a crucifix, which was brought from Constantinople by Saint Olga.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is one of the world's main Orthodox shrines. Its construction began in the XI century by hermit monks who were digging caves to live in them. According to some reports, the length of the caves is several hundred kilometers; only a small part is open for visitors. Going a few tens of meters under the ground, you can see the relics of the ancient saints. Among them - the relics of Ilya Muromets, who, as it turns out, was not a fictional character. In addition to the caves, Lavra includes numerous churches.