Tarot – On the Cardsmarch 4 zodiac sign

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Tarot – On the Cards【march 4 zodiac sign】: This week let us look at s

Tarot – On the Cardsmarch 4 zodiac sign

Tarot – On the Cardsmarch 4 zodiac sign

This week let us look at some useful codes. Many believe that the planets have beneficial or negative effects on life; so here are some codes that can help balance them in a person’s life.

Chennai: These have to be done with great faith and belief and with consistency so use it to your advantage in the best possible manner. They can be chanted, written, or just repeated often. There are also some switchwords when travelling or if one has to travel. They need to be chanted as many times as possible and goes without saying that it has to be done with faith and belief. THE WEEK AHEAD July 25-July 31 08 11 215: Divine healing code for all Planets to be favourable 126.22 Hz: Sun Frequency 183.58 Hz: Jupiter Frequency 147.85 Hz: Saturn Frequency 144.72 Hz: Mars Frequency 360 Hz: Earth Frequency 420.82 Hz: Moon frequency 221.23 Hz: Venus Frequency 141.27 Hz: Mercury Frequency 207.36 Hz: Uranus Frequency 211.44 Hz: Neptune Frequency 140.25 Hz: Pluto Frequency 24 73 726: For flights to be smooth and on time while traveling. 19,837,198: Aircraft flight safety Flights: DECLARE-CHARMCOZY-DivineORDER-WITH-WOLFHELP. Safety in car journey: LAMINATE-VOIDUmbrella-GUARD-ON-WHEELS. House safety when you are travelling:WATCHMAN-LAMINATE-MASK-GUARD-UP. Safe journey for any mode of transport:Umbrella-GUARD-UP-COZY-WHEELS-ON-BE. Safe journey in general: IMMUNITY-ONWHEELS-ENVELOPE-MASK-BE. Prevent travel sickness: SHANTI-SWIVELCOZY-HO-ADJUST-BE. For trip to be successful, enjoyable: JOYFULL-DivineORDER-Ensure SOPHISTICATE.ARIES (20 MARCH –20 APRIL) There is a temptation to move away from things as they could be getting too much for you to deal with at this point in time. You could also be feeling under the weather mentally as you struggle to cope with the varying elements in your life. The Eight of Cups shows that there are many feelings that make you want to move away from all the drama and action and be by yourself under a cloak of anonymity. It is also that you wish to go to a quiet place to contemplate on everything and come to an understanding and place of equanimity. The Page of Cups, however, shows that there is much to do and you will be propelled by young energetic people who will force you to stay in the thick of things as work is progressing and going at a rather fast pace. There are new avenues to pursue and consider and if you don’t strike when the iron is hot then you might lose the edge you have now. TAURUS (20 APRIL – 21 MAY)You could be in a dilemma about something – it is making you wonder how you are to deal with this. Conventional thinking is not going to do it so what are the ways that can be applied to figure this out? The Hanged Man presents you with this state of mind and you will and you should find a solution that is not run of the mill. It will push the envelope and also out of your comfort zone and you will find yourself outside of a very creative way of doing things. The Six of swords tells you that you are kind of fine not rocking the boat and you are willing to keep going even if it means a sedate lifestyle will little or no surprises. You are being steered along the river of life and you are content with the pace at this time. However, you need to think about how to make changes to be able to go to the next level. The King of Pentacles shows you the plenty and abundance that is there in your life.GEMINI (21 MAY – 21 JUNE)Many of your plans and wishes are in the planning stage and also in the making- so allow it to unfold in the best possible manner and not be impatient for things to come too soon and before they are in their full bloom stage. The Four of Swords shows the clear and concise planning that is going on and the clarity helps in sifting through what you want and need. Things have a way of working out and all you have to do is to wait in the wings for it to show up in the best possible manner. The High Priestess shows the power of the goddess and you are right now under her light. This also means that there is still some education left and also do not stop learning things. This will help you to negotiate and navigate through your life in a much better way. It will also give you good direction and how to move forward.CANCER (21 JUNE – 23 JULY)You could be going for expansion of your current place of living or spaces you use frequently. The Three of Pentacles suggests planning for the future in terms of housing, buildings or renovations. All these are on the anvil and you could be busy making plans for any of these or one of these activities. You could also be thinking of investing in real estate or buying up properties that need also work to be done on them. This involves money and time and you are willing to do both at this point in time. However, the Seven of Cups cautions you not to have too many expectations about any money dealings or investments you could be making. Any speculative activity needs to be within reasonable limits of risks and daring. People will promise you many things and not all of them are doable so watch out for tall promises and returns.LEO (23 JULY –23 AUGUST)Lots of togetherness and bonding are there in the air right now and you will feel it and it will enhance your sense of belonging and rootedness. The Lovers card tells you to appreciate your companion/ spouse/ partner because they are here with you right now making life richer and livelier. This also means that people close to you could be getting into relationships and there could be marriage announcements or celebrations that pertain to marriage and partnerships. Ensure that the knowledge you have of being in a strong bond does not make you complacent or being taken for granted. The Three of Swords shows how clear you are about how you are going to deal with people and events- more of a head decision than from the heart because that is how you choose to do things at this point in time.VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER)You are being led to do things that are in line with your true calling- you could be doing things that are creative or be teaching or be showing the world what you can do, and they can follow your actions. The Hierophant tells you that you are being divinely guided on some actions so just go with the flow and trust that this is for your highest good. It may not be easy or smooth and even be tiring or stressing you out a lot, but this is needed to shape you into what you are supposed to become. The Hierophant is also a teacher, a guru and someone who inspires you to do better and better. The Judgement card also from the set of major arcana shows that you have to understand and appreciate what is coming your way as part of what you are meant to do. So introspect, appreciate and show gratitude that you are being led to the path you need to go on.LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBER)It looks like a good week for most Librans as there is a sense of being at peace with the world, being in the limelight and being admired and loved by many and the prospect of someone new, young and energetic appearing in life. The Nine of Cups shows that there is a sense of fulfillment as most things are on track and they appear to be giving you a feeling of security and accomplishment. This also shows that most boxes, for now, are ticked and you are enjoying this phase when things are going well in your favour. Keep appreciating all that there is and this trend will continue. Be grateful and bringing this into your everyday life you will see many more dreams coming to fruition. The Six of Cups is a happy card where you will be shown love, appreciation and given attention for all the right things.SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER)Frustration, impatience and stress combined could make you feel how you are going to do all that you want to do. You will feel snowed under the pressure of your thoughts, overthinking and a case of the mind racing ahead and situations and people falling back rather sadly. Your mind is working in a speedy manner while those around you stall, are slow and somewhat dimwitted (you feel) making you want to shake them up so that things move faster than they are doing now. It would be wise for you to allow things to go the way they are as being in alignment with the flow is far more productive and peaceful than trying to push things, not within your control. The Devil shows the chains that tie you down- relationships, work and situations. However, this is one area you need to work on when you turn a burden into an advantage.SAGITTARIUS (22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBER)Despite the plenty and good things around you could be feeling a bit despondent and rather isolated. The Five of Cups indicates that this could be something you have done to yourself as your expectations of those around you could be a mismatch and not in alignment with yours. There are plenty of opportunities for you to reach out, go out and cross beautiful bridges (figuratively speaking) to enhance and make yourself feel amongst like-minded friends and family. The choice is yours and it would be wise to look at all the good things and rejoice in the abundance given to you. Strength card suggests that you need to get a grip over your feelings and emotions and keep the beast of turmoil within the control or you will spiral out.CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARY)The Empress comes to show that you are the one power that is in control of things so make the best of it. The Empress is also someone who nurtures and strengths ties and this could be you or someone like that who keeps things together. There could be announcements of additions to the family or friends’ circles and this happy news will renew the faith in many ways. Being in command also comes with responsibility to use your words and wisely and make your actions count for something. Since you are in the lead these must be kept in mind. The Four of Wands shows happiness and a good family environment which makes your personal space and life cheery and fulfilled. All members of the family, immediate and extended will come together in a show of strength and camaraderie.AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARY)You are readying for a journey ahead- and this is pretty much on a war footing where you will brook no opposition. You will tend to be aggressive and ready to slay anything that comes your way. The Five of Swords show that you are prepared to do a lot to get to the goals you have set for yourself. You are probably going to cross seas to get to where you want to be. If you infuse compassion into all that you are facing, then the path becomes easier to tread. Justice card comes to tell you that this time around things will go in your favour. It is time to set things right and you have been waiting for this for too long. The card also suggests that the more you stick to the right way of doing things the better it would be on all fronts.PISCES (18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCH)You will most likely see the fulfillment of your work goals and ambitions – the Ace of Wands assures you of success and achievement seen through your eyes and that of those around you. This will bring you cheer and a feeling of having accomplished something important. The Ace is also showing that you will take your work to greater levels involving as you go along many other talented and accomplished co-workers and colleagues. The Nine of Pentacles brings prosperity and abundance into your life and this will enhance the feeling of having plenty and also induce you to be generous to those you feel need it too. This money factor could come through the women in your life.

march 4 zodiac signTarot – On the Cards

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